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Eng./ Sherif Ahmed Khamis Resume

Posted on July 10, 2010 at 5:50 PM

 • Summary:

       I have adequate Industry experience including 15 years executive and managerial positions in Mechanical Maintenance activities in Fertilizers & Petrochemical.

     I obtained BSc. Of Mechanical Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt on 1994 and also Diploma about engineering diagnoses, Alexandria University, May 2000.

     I have experience in the maintenance, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning , trouble shooting and rectification of Rotating and Static equipment (Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Gear boxes, Heat exchangers, Reactors, Reformers, Separators, Filters and Valves) of Fertilizers and petrochemical companies, Strong organizational and communications skills, Capable to manage and direct force employed and Dedicated to quality.

     I Served in big companies, First “Abu Qir Fertilizers &Chemical industries Co.” in Alexandria, EGYPT for 9 years then “Qatar Petrochemical Company QAPCO” in Ummsaid, QATAR for 16 months and currently in " SORFERT Fertilizers Complex" in Algeria).

     I attended several numbers of HAZOP studies, Technical meetings, PDMS Reviews, Manufacturer workshops inspections, seminars and training courses in several countries like Germany, UK, Netherland, Denmark, Belgium and Austria.



 Sherif Ahmed Khamis Ahmed,

Mechanical Assistant Manager,

Sorfert Fertilizers Complex,


 • Career Objective:

           To be a part of global winning team in a stimulating, creative & open ambiance, which expects a high level of performance & commitment from its members, where I can obtain a high benchmark of my engineering skills and accelerated career growth.

Personal Information:

  • Name:             Sherif Ahmed Khamis Ahmed.
  • Position:          Ammonia Mechanical Assistance Manger.
  • Company:        SORFERT Fertilizers Complex
  • Marital Status: Married with two sons.
  • Nationality:      Egyptian.
  • Date of birth:   8 May 1972.
  • Place of birth:  Alexandria, Egypt.
  • Mobile:           (Algeria) 00213770279109., (Egypt) 00201228417123.
  • E-Mail:           [email protected]om, [email protected]
  • Page:   

 University Degree:

  • BSc. in Mechanical Power Engineering, May 1994, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.
  • Diploma in Engineering Diagnoses, May 2000, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University. (Two-years engineering study after the degree of B.Sc. Mechanical engineering).

Professional experience:

          Mechanical Engineer with over 14 years experience in various fields including maintenance, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning, trouble shooting and rectification of Rotating and Static equipment, with exposure to Materials and management activities. Experience details are as following:

1. Jan. 2008 To present:

Firm : SORFERT Fertilizers Complex

           Sorfert is a new Ammonia/Urea Plants (UHDE design) currently under commissioning (2x2200MTPD Ammonia+ 3450MTPD Urea) in Algeria.

Designation: Ammonia Mechanical Assistance Manger:

 Duties and responsibilities:

Responsible for two ammonia plants 2200 MTPD + storage area

1. Engineering phase:

  • Design Approval phase (In Cairo & Dortmund, Germany).
  • HAZOP Study in UHDE Dortmund, Germany (Several times during 2008 ).
  • PDMS 60% and 90% Model Review with UHDE (During 2008/2009)
  • Reviewing of vendors Documentations for construction.
  • Preparation and ordering two years operational spare parts (TYOSP).
  • Monthly technical meetings with UHDE (Several times during 2008/2009).
  • Supervise manufacturing of Equipments in vendor’s workshop as following:
  • Attended Test of Ammonia loading arms which done in vendor workshop “SVT GERMANY”. (Jan.2009).
  • Attended BFW pumps performance tests which done in vendor workshop “Sulzer Pump (Bruchsel, GERMANY)”. (Apr.2009)
  • Attended BFW Turbine MRT (Mechanical Running Test) which done in vendor workshop “Siemens Turbo machinery (GERMANY)”. (May,2009)
  • Attended Sea Water Pump performance tests which done in vendor workshop “KSB Frankenthal (GERMANY)”. (Aug,2009)
  • Attended Hydrostatic Pressure Test for Primary reformer tube which applied in vendor workshop “DONCASTERS PARALLOY Ltd ENGLAND”.(Mar. 2009)
  • Attended final Dimensional check inspection prior to PWHT of Secondary reformer which done in vendor workshop “ELLIMETAL N.V. Company in Belgium”. (April 2009)
  • Attended SORFERT fire fighting pumps performance tests which done in vendor workshop “Nijhuis Company in Netherlands”. (Mar.2009).

2. Construction, pre-commissioning and commissioning phase:

  • Regular Following up, Inspection and signing of ICAPS sheets for all ammonia plant mechanical construction Equipment.
  • Attending the progress monitoring meeting with the contractor and the subcontractor.
  • Reviewing and Following up Weekly Schedule of Activities with the contractor and the subcontractor.
  • Inspection of the equipments prior to the erection on site.
  • Checking of the equipments according to the G.A. Drawing.
  • Following up, Reviewing and inspection of Static Equipment foundation, shims, leveling, verticality and grouting according to engineering specifications and standard (WHB, Reactors, Heat Exchanger “Plate coolers, shell and tube, etc….” , Reformers, Flare, Filters and Separators) .
  • Following up, Reviewing and inspection of trays, demisters and installation of static equipment.
  • Final inspection of Static Equipment before and after Catalyst or packing filling (Hydrogenation reactor, Desulphuriser reactors, Primary reformer, Secondary reformer, HT reactor, LT reactor, Methanetor, Ammonia Converters, Absorber, HP vessel, LP vessel and stripper).
  • Following up, Reviewing and inspection of Refractory (KARRENA type) installation and dry out in 1ry reformer, 2nd reformer and Process gas cooler.
  • Following up, Reviewing and inspection of ammonia tanks (plant 15000 Tons & port 2 x 30000 Tons Full containment double wall tanks) including Hydraulic and pneumatic tests)
  • Following up, Reviewing and inspection of installation, Grouting, Pre-alignment and final alignment of rotating equipment (“BFW pumps Sulzer”, “BFW Turbine Siemens Turbo machinery”, “Several Centrifugal pumps Ebara, KSB and Hermetic,”, “Reciprocating pumps Uraca”, “BOG Screw compressors Howden” .
  • Following up preservation activities of static and rotating equipment.
  • Arranging with contractor and subcontractor for Elimination of punch list items.
  • Arranging with contractor and subcontractor for test packs, air blowing and steam blowing.
  • Reviewing MC certificates with contractor.
  • Following up mechanical responsibility during Startup of Ammonia plant units.

3. Maintenance Activities.

  • 24 hours per day and 7 days per week-day time, monitoring work and on call responsible for the mechanical works.
  • Daily Visits work sites in order to provide overall supervision, technical guidance and administrative support to Maintenance Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians in predictive, preventive, Corrective, modification and major Shutdown maintenance programs on Rotating and static equipment for the two Ammonia Plants and Ammonia loading/storage Units.
  • Daily contact with Maintenance Manager for work assignments, information exchanges.
  • Attend meetings (daily plants meeting, weekly planning meeting, department meetings, critical and major activities meetings) with other parties.
  • Regular contacts with Planning ,operation, Safety ,QC, Procurements and other Sections to review,discuss, plan and coordinates work, purchase orders ,materials and resolve problems and follow up.
  • Periodic contact with contractors to advise on work requirements and monitor their work.
  • Responsible for the coordination of all maintenance activities starting from receiving the work orders then check ,schedule ,setting priorities , assignment of labors, reviewing (issuing) required spare parts vouchers, following up the maintenance activities providing technical support , advice as required and finally reporting and complete the work orders.
  • Monitor, evaluate performance of subordinate Engineers, Supervisors and Technicians, and educate to improve technical and safety habits and to maintain cordial relation with different sections.
  • Ensure the execution of daily work orders received for corrective/breakdown and emergency maintenance activities, including arrangement of all the resources (spares, manpower through contractor etc.), coordinates and review overtime requirements.
  • Continuous Reviews and Improvement of the maintenance strategies, Monitor the performance and maintenance cost for various equipment and provides recommendations to minimize maintenance costs and reduce operational anomalies.
  • Develop maintenance standards, scheduled programs, prepare the maintenance procedures for the Rotating /Static equipment so as to provide the guidance to the maintenance crews & evaluate equipment performance.
  • Reliability basis monitoring of critical rotary equipment. Suggests operating & controlling parameter for safe, efficient & reliable operation of machines based on analysis of design, condition monitoring, OEM guidelines, revamps, etc.
  • Reviewing weekly backlogs, work plans, manpower assignment and related KPI’s; evaluating KPI’s for job/man hours.
  • Trouble shooting of operational limitation & problems being observed. Detailing with vendors, suggesting course of action or modification, to overcome any such limits to ensure trouble free operation.
  • Prepare plan and Monitor Maintenance staff annual vacations and submit leave applications accordingly.
  • Build & maintain a reasonable level of workshop, tools & equipment to carry out the work safely & efficiently.
  • Indigenization of costly spares and import substitute with multi supplier option.
  • Reduction of Maintenance Budget due to effective monitoring and preventive maintenance.
  • Prepare Annual Budget for maintenance Contract & Spares. Generate contract work request and management of sub contract work.
  • Monitor spare parts, consumable consumption and maintain inventory. Time to time inventory review,inde nting, inspection of spares and follow up with vendor.
  • Participate as interview committee member for the selection of turnaround contractor manpower.
  • Implements approved training of staff including new trainees.
  • Following up staff performance and submitting personnel appraisal, promotional recommendations and staff requirements.
  • Implement HSE Program as per Company & department objectives/targets.

2. August 2006 To Jan. 2008:

Firm : Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO)

            QAPCO is one of the leading producers of ethylene and low-density polyethylene (LDPE) in the Middle East Region. A substantial part of ethylene is consumed for the production of LDPE of various grades. QAPCO is one of the companies located in the Mesaieed Industrial. QAPCO was established in 1974 as a joint multinational venture

Designation: Senior Mechanical Planner:

 Duties and responsibilities:

  •  Planning, preparation and co-ordinate materials, resources, technical support documentation and schedule the maintenance and overhaul planning activities of major overhauls / project work, daily maintenance and major maintenance works undertaken by Production and Operations Division according to priority.
  • Develop plans for periodic, preventive, predictive, and corrective maintenance activities to ensure optimum production reliability.
  • Reviewing the plant Equipment modification package drawings, endorsing technical Comments, reserve stock Items and verifying physical execution in the field and following up punches List items with central in addition, area maintenance for completion.
  • Preparation of rebuild stock items to be sent to outside repair if required.
  • Ordering of non stock items according to maintenance requirements.
  • Undertakes planning, pre engineering function of all aspects, covering site Acquainted for major maintenance and Overhaul projects.
  • Dealing with Operations & Maintenance personnel in identifying work content, estimates resources, material/spares, and Advises management on shortfalls.
  • Data capture from vendor records, update Maintenance records, review technical qualifications, review materials, produce technical documents for minor tenders, prepare cost reports.
  • Attended Complete plant shutdown in 2007
  • Strive for safe and environmentally responsible Operations to meet Company Goals to protect Personnel and assets, control/reduce emissions, and conserve resources.

 3. September 1997 August 2006:

 Firm : Abu Qir Fertilizers &Chemical industries Co.

          (AFC) is one of the largest producers of nitrogen fertilizers in Egypt and the Middle East. It produces about 50% of the Egyptian Nitrogen Fertilizers. The company and the 1st Ammonia Urea plant was established at 1976.

Designation: Ammonia Mech. Maintenance Engineer

 Duties and responsibilities:

  • 24 hours per day and 7 days per week-day time, monitoring shifts, and on call responsible for the mechanical works.
  • Develop engineered solution for operating problems, short term and long term temporary and permanent effective solutions.
  • Planning, scheduling and execution of the entire annual turn round shut down activity.
  • Complete maintenance overhaul with reference to Ammonia and storage plants according to standards and codes for the following equipment:
    • Heat Exchangers {shell & tube and plate HE} Pressure test& plugging.
    • Primary reformer, Secondary reformer, Ammonia converter, Absorber, Desorber, Separators, Filters, Vessels, .etc.
    • Boilers.
    • Different types of valves, Safety valves; Pneumatic Safety valves controllers, traps, flanges, gaskets, etc.
    • Ammonia Storage Tanks of 10000 & 15000 tons.
    • Ammonia Ship loading Facilities (Marine Line).
    • Refractory and Insulation of equipment.
    • Stem system network.(Super heaters, Steam generation, Deaerator, Steam drums)
    • Pumps different types of pumps {centrifugal (single stage, Vertical Multi stages), B.F.W. pumps, piston, screw, and gear pumps}.
    • Compressors. (Screw & Reciprocating)
    • Blowers and fans.
    • Gear Boxes.
    • Turbines.(Steam and hydraulic turbines)
  • High accurate alignment for different types of machines according to recommendations.
  • Checking and adjusting all clearances of the rotating equipment according to standards and vendors recommendations using all different measurements tools.
  • Planning and execution of the routine maintenance work, preventive, predictive, and proactive maintenance activity.
  • Planning and purchasing for different spare parts.
  • Complete design and fabrication for some spare parts at local work shop.
  • From April 2006 To August 2006 worked with Tyssen Krupp (UHDE GMBH) (Borrowed from Abu Qir Fertilizers) to Supervise installation of ammonia static Equipment internals in Helwan Fertilizers Company during erection phase.

4. May 1994 To April 1997 (Military Service):

Military Service: Egyptian Air Defense Forces

Designation: Maintenance Engineer Officer

 Duties and responsibilities:

  • Overhaul maintenance for Diesel engines.
  • Following up for Diesel engines during operation.

• Qualifications, Courses and Main Abroad Attendance:

 Attended a number of Inspections, seminars and training courses locally and abroad as following:


  • SORFERT Design Approval phase (Several times during 2008.)
  • SORFERT HAZOP Study (Several times during 2008.)
  • SORFERT PDMS 60% and 90% Review with UHDE (During 2008/2009)
  • SORFERT two years operational spare parts (TYOSP) (Several times during 2009)
  • Attended Test of SORFERT Ammonia loading arms which done in vendor workshop “SVT GERMANY”. (Jan.2009).
  • Monthly technical meetings with UHDE (Several times during 2008/2009).
  • Attended SORFERT BFW pumps performance tests which done in vendor workshop “Sulzer Pump (Bruchsel, GERMANY)”. (Apr.2009)
  • Attended SORFERT BFW Turbine MRT (Mechanical Running Test) which done in vendor workshop “Siemens Turbo machinery (GERMANY)”. (May,2009)
  • Attended SORFERT Sea Water Pump performance tests which done in vendor workshop “KSB Frankenthal (GERMANY)”. (Aug,2009)


  • Attended Hydrostatic Pressure Test for Primary reformer tube which applied in vendor workshop “DONCASTERS PARALLOY Ltd ENGLAND”.(Mar. 2009)
  • Two times Technical seminars attendance about Oil & Marine hoses in 1999 & 2002 which held in DUNLOP Oil & Marine Company in ENGLAND.


  • Attended final Dimensional check inspection prior to PWHT of Secondary reformer which done in vendor workshop “ELLIMETAL N.V. Company”. (April 2009)


  • Attended SORFERT fire fighting pumps performance tests which done in vendor workshop “Nijhuis Company”. (Mar.2009).
  • Course in Techniques of installing, commissioning and maintenance of reciprocating compressor for AFC-III at (GEA) Grasso Refrigeration.


  • Course in Service and maintenance of screw compressors for AFC-III at York Refrigeration.


  • Attended Course in Pumps Maintenance and Operation at Flowserve (Austria)-Pump Division in Brunn, Austria (Sep.2005).


  • Bearing technology. (SKF training center).
  • Vibration analysis. (American University).
  • Failure Analysis. (American University).
  • Corrosion in the chemical industry. (American University).


  • Advanced Failure Analysis. (Arab academy).
  • Corrosion. (Arab academy).
  • Corrosion. (Faculty of engineering).
  • Pumps Technology. (Faculty of engineering).
  • Heat exchanger. (Faculty of engineering).
  • Heat exchanger. (Middle East HR Center).
  • Management of transport, handling and storage operation of Dangerous goods. (ESP Centre of Alex Uni.).
  • Design of pressure vessels. (ENPPI).
  • Predictive maintenance. (Comibassal).
  • Boilers Efficiency. (ENPPI).



  • Arabic: Native language.
  • English: Very good specking, listening and reading.


• Computer Skills:

  • M. S. Office. (Word, Excel and Power point).
  • CMMS system.

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