Mechanical Engineer

      Eng./ Sherif Ahmed Khamis Ahmed



        My Name is Sherif Ahmed Khamis Ahmed , I'm Egyptian born in 08 May 1972 in Alexandria, EGYPT

        I have adequate industry experience including 14 years executive and managerial positions in Mechanical Maintenance activities in Fertilizers & Petrochemical.

        I obtained BSc. Of Mechanical Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt on 1994 and also Diploma about engineering diagnoses, Alexandria University, May 2000.

        I have good experience in the maintenance, construction, pre-commissioning, commissioning , trouble shooting and rectification of Rotating and Static equipment (Pumps, Compressors, Turbines, Gear boxes, Heat exchangers, Reactors, Reformers, Separators, Filters and Valves) of Fertilizers and petrochemical companies, Strong organizational and communications skills, Capable to manage and direct force employed and Dedicated to quality.

          I served in big companies, First “Abu Qir Fertilizers &Chemical industries Co.” in Alexandria, EGYPT for 9 years then “Qatar Petrochemical Company QAPCO” in Ummsaid, QATAR for 16 months then  currently in " SORFERT Fertilizers Complex" in Algeria).

           I attended several numbers of HAZOP studies, Technical meetings, PDMS Reviews, Manufacturer workshops inspections, seminars and training courses in several countries like Germany, UK, Netherland, Denmark, Belgium and Austria.


      To be a part of global winning team in a stimulating, creative & open ambiance, which expects a high level of performance & commitment from its members, where I can obtain a high benchmark of my engineering skills and accelerated career growth.

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